UPDATE November 2008:


Thank you to everyone who responded to the consultation this summer. We've now heard the good news back from TfL that they WILL move the crossing.

Work is due to start next spring/summer 2009 - watch this space for progress reports.

Islington Council have been brilliant in supporting the campaign, but we mustn't let things slip now. So please if you can write another letter to the local papers

- congratulating the campaign
- thanking the Council for their support
- welcoming the decision by TfL
- demanding they keep their promise and actually put this into action as soon as possible

Send your letters to:

letters@camdennewjournal.co.uk (Islington Tribune)

nlnews@archant.co.uk (Islington Gazette)

UPDATE July 2008: TfL Consultation document is now out. You can read more and get a form online at http://www.busroute38.co.uk/islingtonhs.shtml

Form your own view on the other questions, but please say YES to option A on moving the crossing.

The consultation period ends on Thursday 31 July.

We need a safer Angel crossing. Over 46,000 people leave Angel Tube Station every day.

The busy crossing outside the station is used by commuters, residents and shoppers to cross between Camden Passage, Chapel Market, the N1 Centre, and all the other shops and offices in the area.

Crossing the road here is difficult and dangerous.

 - The island in the middle of the crossing is too small and gets over-crowded

- The railings are dangerous for cyclists

 - Pedestrians have to wait too long to cross

 - Bad signal timings mean vehicles often block the crossing when the 'green man' is on.

This road and crossing is looked after by Transport for London (TfL) which is the responsibility of the Mayor of London.

Five years ago, Bridget Fox and local Liberal Democrats launched a campaign to get the crossing re-designed. 

Thousands of people have signed our petition since then.

Under Ken Livingstone, TfL wanted to close Liverpool Road; but many residents fear that would simply make traffic on Upper Street and through Barnsbury worse, without making the crossing any safer.

Now we have the chance for a fresh start.

It's time for TfL to act: we want a better crossing.

Look out for the consultation forms and have your say.

And there's still time to sign our petition below.

We, the undersigned, call on Transport for London to act now to make Angel Crossing safer. Thousands of people use the crossing every day, but it's a nightmare.

 - Pedestrians have too long to wait

 - The railings are dangerous for cyclists 

 - There is conflict with vehicles still going over the crossing while the 'green man' is showing

 We demand that the crossing is re-designed to make it safer and easier for everyone.




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A real chance for real change

One solution would be to re-locate the crossing to the north side of the Liverpool Road junction,  or add a second crossing there.
Pedestrians would cross safely while the Upper Street traffic was already stopped to let the Liverpool Road traffic through.

That would be safer, and make best use of the limited crossing time available.

We could get rid of some of the ugly railings that are a menace to cyclists.

It would also be much better for passengers changing between bus and tube.

What do you think? Email us here: campaign@bridgetfox.org.uk
Cars and people clash
Cars and people clash
Green light, but the cars keep coming
Green light, but the cars keep coming
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