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From Bridget Fox: "I've just heard that the Post Office will definitely be closing Goswell Road post office. The closure could come as soon as next month, now that Post Office bosses have rejected the strong objections made by local campaigners and the hundreds of petition signatures we collected.

"Since we started our petition back in August, I've met so many people who use this branch and depend on it.   The Post Office have been very clear that they only decided to close Goswell Road because they have to meet Labour Government cuts targets. It is all about cuts and nothing to do with what is best for local people. 

"Emily Thornberry could have used her vote in Parliament to halt Post Office closures: she did not. "

On 24 June, Post Office bosses made the shock announcement that they want to close Goswell Road post office, 151 Goswell Road, London, EC1V 7ET

Bridget Fox & Islington Liberal Democrats are fighting this proposal, which is part of the Labour government's savings plans. We think it's wrong to close Goswell Road.

 - EC1 is a regeneration area, this post office is a vital local service.
 - Local residents, pensioners and families need it
 - Small shops and businesses need it
 - Students and staff from City University need it
 - Other branches are too busy and too far away

This branch is needed by the community; it's wrong to close Goswell Road.

Please sign our petition and help save Goswell Road Post Office.


We, the undersigned, call on the Government and the Post Office to think again: don't close Goswell Road Post Office.

It is a vital local service for pensioners, families, small businesses, students and everyone in our area.

Closing it would have a devastating effect on our community.  



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The official consultation on closing Goswell Road starts on 8 July.

It will run for six weeks until around 19 August. 

Send your objections to:

If you are going on holiday, don't forget to send them in before you go.


Two earlier reviews of Islington & Finsbury post offices – including one published in February this year - did not identify this branch for closure. The Post Office admit this is "part of the implementation of the Government decision to reduce the UK wide network of Post Office branches by up to 2,500".

They go on to say "this is the conclusion of a further review following the reprieve of other offices".   In other words, because a post office 8 miles away in Walthamstow has been saved, they want to close Goswell Road instead; it's all to meet Labour's cuts target.

The Government admit this.  On 1 June, Pat McFadden MP, the Labour minister in charge of Post Offices told the BBC "three out of four post offices in the country are actually running at a loss and that's part of the reason why some are having to close."


Controversial Labour MP Emily Thornberry notoriously described branch post offices like Goswell Road as ‘just a counter in a shop’.

Three months ago, Lib Dem MPs tried to stop the closure programme: some Labour MPs rebelled (including Jeremy Corbyn) but Emily Thornberry voted them down.  She is a hypocrite to say she supports our post offices.

Liberal Democrats have fought post offices closures at every stage, unlike Labour. This closure plan is a direct result of Labour Government post office policy. Our Post Offices are not safe under Labour.


The nearest post offices to Goswell Road are at Farringdon, Old Street and Mount Pleasant.  They are half a mile away with no direct bus routes.

Other  post offices at Upper Street, Highbury Corner and Essex Road are over a mile away.

If Goswell Road closes, 13 post offices serving Islington & Finsbury residents will have closed under Labour. Unlucky for some....
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